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23 October 2009 @ 09:43 pm
There's been a change in our final CRASH COURSE venue for tomorrow! Our room at the workshop today was accidentally double-booked. Here is the new address for the CRASH COURSE workshop:

Medicine Lake Apartments
1300 West Medicine Lake Drive
Plymouth, MN 55441

12-4 pm

The THRILL VENUE in Anoka, at George Enloe Park is still solid.

Please call 651-485-7292 if you need any assistance!

Also: for this final get-together, it's very important to be there by noon if you can! If you're hoping to come and learn the dance from scratch, it could be a challenge but we'll still be there! Our goal is to perform the full 5-minute version of the song but for those that only know the 3-minute segment, never fear!!  For the most part we will be constantly rehearsing the song in full--this includes "undying" during the 38-second intro, what to do when we end, and how we will arrange for the 3-minute and 5-minute dancers. Please be rested, bring water and a snack or two.

If you know your dance segments, practice practice practice! :)

We will also go around some final details that you'll need to know about Thrill Time and such. If we're on a roll, we might just continue dancing and cover the details at the building.

YOU MUST BE AT GEORGE ENLOE NO LATER THAN 6:30 :) (yes, there will be more dancing :)


So excited to rock out with all you undead peeps!