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22 October 2009 @ 12:04 pm
Thrill Time!  
It's almost here! 7:30pm CST Saturday is just around the corner! Here is how things will go down in the next 72 hours.

There is also some VERY important info to be aware of! So please read all of this! If you don't, you could miss something critical!

Practice, practice, practice!! Watch the videos and get familiar with the choreography. Don't sweat it if you can't get to all of it or master anything--we'll be helping you learn and we are no dance gods ourselves :)

GET READY TO ZOMBIE-FY! Find some ratty clothes, get some makeup, get ready! Feel free to show up as your favorite Zombie!Michael from any era. Do you need some tips?


MORE Practice! Arrive to the open workshop anywhere from 12-8pm (please see the previous entry for details). Make sure you're well-rested and able to dance in comfortable clothes.


FINAL CRASH COURSE WORKSHOP FROM 12-4!! Even if you attended the night before, PLEASE make every effort to show up!! We will go over finishing touches, rough spots, and finalize some arrangements on a group scale.

Thrill Venue
Park Pointe Apartments
Party Room
1435 Hampshire Ave S.
St. Louis Park, MN

George Enloe Park Building
631 Lund Boulevard
Anoka, MN


12-4pm: CRASH COURSE!! We can't stress this enough; PLEASE show up for any time that you can! Rembmer: THE CRASH COURSE IS NOT AT THE THRILL VENUE! In regards to zombie-fying...you should have enough time to do it between the final BIG rehearsal and the time we will open the venue.

¨  Costume & shoes
¨  Make-up¨  A mirror
¨  Face wash, towel, baby wipes
¨  Water bottle & snack/ lunch
¨  A change of clothes
¨  Your Camera!
¨  A map of how to get to venue
¨  Completed Registration Form (this will be provided)

6pm: We will open the building to invite a horde of zombies inside. It is VERY important that you sign in IMMEDIATELY upon arrival. There is a waiver to sign and a registration form. You will have to fill in your portion prior to dancing (sign-in) and will have to sign it again before you leave (sign-out). If you do not sign in AND out, we will be unable to count your participation.

6:30pm: You MUST be at the venue by this time if you are going to participate in the dance. NO EXCEPTIONS. Time permitting, we will do a few final run-throughs.
7:25: All zombies to the dance floor! ZOMBIES ONLY! (this means no entering/exiting the dance area :)
7:30 THRILL TIME!!!!! Shake some undead booty.
7:40: The fun isn't over! PHOTO TIME! Do your favorite poses, get shots with your best-friend, your favorite zombie, etc. We will do a group photo!
8pm: "Heal the World" will be sung, in honor of Michael and his vision. Sing it like you mean it! This is purely voluntary.
(Don't worry if you don't know all the words! We will be playing the album version of the song. Click here for the lyrics.)
8:30: It's been fun, it's been real, and it's been real fun. Time to put the zombies back to bed. Please make sure you have signed out before leaving. THANK YOU!!!
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bakkhos on October 23rd, 2009 01:04 am (UTC)
Are there special rules for witnesses? Do I have to sign in? Am I not allowed on the dance floor (that's probably a good rule :P)
Just have to be 18 and show proof of age. There are also instructions but you'll be given those at the time :)

You only have to sign in if you're dancing.

And the dance floor just has to be clear by a certain time for documentation reasons.