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15 October 2009 @ 07:43 am
Workshop dates!  
Hey everyone! I'm terribly sorry about the lack of updates--I spent almost all of last week in bed with a ridiculous cold that wouldn't go away or allow me to do anything (include going to class). There have also been some changes with the TTW program itself. Either way, we obviously had to cancel the previous workshops due to my illness, but they are rescheduled.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23, from 12pm - 8pm, there will be a big "free-for-all" workshop. The idea of this is that myself and zzeezzee will be available for this entire block to teach you the dance. If there is a specific time that you think you might show up on Friday, please contact reibish at ttw09.halloweencapital.anoka@gmail.com to let us know what time, and how much of the dance you know.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, from 12-4 pm, we will have the "Crash Course" workshop. If possible, please be available for as much of this as possible--it's more important to be there at noon than stay until four. We'll go over the choreography as a group, work on problem areas, and generally rehearse.

The location of the workshops will be announced later today.

ALSO: while it is very possible to learn the dance from scratch in just a couple of hours (I learned half of it in one!) it would be a huge benefit for yourself, us, and the event if you did at least review the material here.

This includes the dance script and videos. Do what you can to get yourself familiar with it, this will significantly ease the process. There will be just two of us there to help teach you, so if ten people show up and none of them know anything about it yet, that can really hinder some things!

Thank you so much for your patience! See you all VERY SOON!

--Reidun and Zee